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We’re packing SO MUCH FUN into one year!



"Wet Nose Images not only captures truly amazing photos, but also captures memories and the personalities of each of the pups! I have had multiple sessions and each time has been such a wonderful experience! Cassie was so patient and caring with both my pups Rupert & Chance and responded to each of their comfort/energy levels.

Look no further, 'cause Wet Nose is the best of the best!"

- Jenn


The role of a Wet Nose Images Ambassadog (and their owner) is to represent and enthusiastically talk about Wet Nose Images wherever you go! My Ambassadog owners love my work and are happy to recommend me to their friends and contacts within our wonderful dog-owner community. Ambassadogs and their owners are best buds and often do wonderful activities together like camping, agility, hiking, etc. They spend every moment they can together, strengthening their bond. They are just the type of people that Wet Nose Images is here to serve.


There are two exciting levels to choose from and each has an upfront investment, which is used 100% towards your product order from your pup's personal Wet Nose session! Your session fee is waived, so your investment is all for your products. You're saving $350 right there. Taking home gorgeous printed products is the experience that my clients get to enjoy, and I want my Ambassadogs to have the same!

  • Ambassadogs will also meet up with me and the other Ambassadogs multiple times during the course of your program for group outings and photo sessions! So ideally, Ambassadogs will get the most out of this program if they are social with other pups. These group sessions will be even more unique than a regular Wet Nose session! We might go for a group hike somewhere beautiful, or do a fashion shoot with doggy accessories, or photograph the dogs hanging out downtown (like all the cool pups do). Heck, we might even go to Garrison Brewing and do a fun session there! I plan to have 4-5 of these group sessions this year. And you can come to them all!

  • You'll also get rewards for all the great new clients you send my way. I know you've got the best dog-owner friends who love their pups as much as you love yours!

  • And your dog will get a sweet Ambassadog bandana, to welcome them to the club.

ALL of that is included in Level One ($450 investment, which all goes towards your products). But wait - there's a Level Two as well!

In Level Two you get everything from Level One...


  • Your pup may be selected as a model when I'm photographing dog-related products for other companies (could be collars, jewelry for dog owners, bandanas, etc), as well as stock photography. These companies will be using my images to market their products, so your pup will be seen on other websites!

  • A family photo session, so that you can include your other dogs, your partner, and yourself etc. An opportunity for you all to be photographed together. I know photos like this are rare, and so special.

  • A custom journal with your Ambassadog on the front cover.

  • And lastly, a personalized calendar for 2020, with your pup’s portraits for each month.

The investment for Level Two is $850, which again - is all put towards your product order for your pup's personal Wet Nose session. The product lineup includes gorgeous wall artwork, coffee table albums, and desk prints. Check them out here!

If you're interested in hearing more about this program, I'll be hosting a meeting for everyone to get together so we can talk more about the finer details and get even more excited. This program is jam-packed with fun!

No need to commit officially yet, but if you want to learn more and ask all your burning questions... this is your opportunity! I'll set a date for us to talk it all over. (Contact me below!)

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Do you want in on this experience?

Step 1: Send me a quick message below.

Step 2: Come to an info meeting to get all the details and ask me all your questions!