Metal Prints and Packaging

This weekend was exciting!

I had the privilege of presenting some fabulous clients with their 16x24 metal print of their sweet Dachshunds. I was just as excited about this metal print as they were - it's such a neat product! The metal is sturdy but not bulky or heavy. It's very lightweight and it will be mounted with 4 metal posts. The surface is a beautiful gloss, and the colours are so vibrant on the metal.

Seriously - you need to have one of these in your home!

This order also included some smaller traditional prints. All products were wrapped lovingly by my assistant (I admit I'm rubbish at wrapping) and embellished with ribbon in our signature lime green. We added a homemade bow for the final touch! It's all part of the deal when you're part of the Wet Nose pack. Full service treatment from beginning to end!

I ensure your investment is worth every penny and that you walk away overjoyed with your images.