Halifax Dog Photographer | Wet Nose Images is Hitting the Streets!


I've been dying to tell you all this exciting news......


Handsome Chester

Handsome Chester

I'm starting a new side project with Wet Nose Images!! I'm going to be exploring different areas of Halifax with my camera, looking for fabulous pups to photograph! I'll be talking to owners (er, pup parents) about their wonderful pup, what makes them special, the adventures they've gone on together, and the memories they've made. Then I'll be posting the pup's photo and story on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook so they can become Hali-famous. Since I'll be documenting the pup's story as well as their sweet face, I'm calling this series Tails Of Halifax :) I love a good play on words.


I can't wait to get out there and give these amazing pups the recognition they deserve. The dogs of Halifax all have stories worth sharing, and my goal is to get them heard and shared with everyone! I'm excited to connect with the pups and owners in our wonderful city. I think this project will bring our dog community even closer together and spread the love that our dogs give us every day.

So whenever you're out and about with your pup on the streets or parks of Halifax, keep an eye out for me and my camera. Your dog might just be the next face of the series: Tails Of Halifax!