Graffiti Pups

I'm thrilled to say that my idea for a Graffiti Pups series has officially begun! I love the look of photographing a dog with a unique and bright graffiti wall as the the background. I want to photograph as many pups as I can with our local Halifax/Dartmouth graffiti. I've already booked a few full sessions for dogs whose "pawrents" want that look for their wall art, and I'm going to be offering a Limited Edition session for graffiti portraits as well! Stay tuned for that announcement on Facebook and Instagram so you can get one of the few coveted spots available!

Images like this are best displayed on one of our unique metal prints. These prints have the option of a glossy or matte finish and are printed directly on a sheet of metal. They're mounted to your wall with round metal posts and they stand off the wall a few inches. They have a very urban and modern look to them, which is perfect for homes with this style of decor! They're definitely a conversation starter and they'll get everyone talking about your gorgeous pup. Check out this blog post to see what the metal prints look like!

And just to get you even more excited, here are a few awesome graffiti pups who've already had their turn in the spotlight!