Top 5 Wall Collections

Once you've had your Wet Nose session with your pup, in the perfect location, with the perfect sunset... the next step is to schedule your Reveal & Order meeting! This is when you get to view the final images for the first time and make your selections. Deciding on your favourite images and how you want to display them in your home can be a challenge, but I'm there with you to help you and give advice! I may not be an interior designer, but I know photography and I love these images just as much as you do... I've spent hours looking at them in detail and I can help you decide on the strongest images to group together.

Here are the top 5 wall collections to display 3 or 4 of your favourite images - large! I offer canvases, framed prints and mounted prints. Check out my Products page to see more details about these options, as well as the albums and paintings that are also available!



I love this collection of landscape (horizontal) images. I tend to shoot most of my images in this orientation because it helps include more of the scenery around your pups and give a sense of location. We have so many beautiful Nova Scotia landscapes nearby to visit for sessions, so I always make sure I show them off! It's also important when you've chosen a special location for your session - somewhere that you and your pup go together a lot, or where your pup is happiest. Making sure I include some of that location in your images is something I always strive for.



For portrait orientation images, I recommend a display like this! It lends itself perfectly to a wall along your staircase, especially if you can see that wall from another room as well (the hallway or the living room).. Who wouldn't want to see that cute face as you both climb the stairs to bed each night?



This collection is a mix of the two previous. I love having a strong image in the center and then two smaller portraits on the sides. This is also perfect if you have two pups, like I've shown below! You can show off each cute face on its own, as well as a beautiful image of them both together. This goes perfectly above your sofa in the living room and will really brighten and warm up the room!



For grouping four images together, I love cropping them to a square and displaying portraits like this! Even with only one or two dogs, this is still a great way to show them off with different expressions or in different spots from your session. Just look at those faces!



Last, but FAR from least, is this mixed collection of four. Two landscape and two portrait images can fit together beautifully in this collection. This shows off the very best images from your session with the perfect variety. It highlights your pup(s) in different locations and in different expressions without needing to crop to a square image. This collection is definitely my favourite

Which collection do you like best? Or do you have suggestions for other arrangements that would look amazing on your walls? Let me know in the comments!


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