Bully Walk: A Peaceful Protest and March Against BSL

Wonderful Haligonians,

Today there was a peaceful protest and march downtown to show that we are against breed-specific legislation. That is, the banning all dogs of a certain breed based on misinformation that they are more dangerous simply because of the way they look.

Many dogs are mixed-breed, and by looking at them you cannot actually tell what is in their genetic makeup. So now many more dogs are being included in this awful ban that isn't even fair to begin with. This type of ban has been in place in Ontario for 10 years and is about to start in Quebec.

EVERY dog can bite if pushed too far and you're not listening to their warnings. And "bully" breeds are most often the ones being abused and neglected by their owners. Because of this these sweet dogs should be given MORE empathy and love based on what they've been through. They don't deserve to be taken from their families and euthanized because someone thinks their head looks a bit blocky or they have visible muscles. Families are being torn apart because of these awful laws and they need to stop.

This photographer absolutely supports and loves bully breeds 100%. There's no need to fear. They want love and a happy life, just like every other dog.