What Is a Session Like?

You've been following Wet Nose Images for a while and the thought often crosses your mind that you'd like professional portraits of your own special pup. Someday. But you've never actually done it. So time keeps passing...

Maybe nobody you know has ever had a photo shoot for their dog, so it's unfamiliar territory for you. Maybe you just haven't found the time in your busy schedule for a session. Maybe your dog is nervous around new people, or reactive around other dogs. So you just don't think it would work out.


Whatever the reason, you're still waiting. And your walls are still longing for beautiful portraits of your best friend. Your soulmate. Your frito-toed, floofy-eared, wet-nosed little lovebug.

They deserve this, and so do you. A special evening for you two to take a break from your hectic or stressful routine. To spend an hour together, seeing them through someone else's eyes. To be filled with pride when they pose so regally for the camera - you didn't know they could do that! So snuggle them close right now and let me tell you about how we do things at Wet Nose Images. How we can make your dreams a reality.


Scene: Your Session Day

It's here! The day you've been counting down to, since you booked it. You look outside and the weather is beautiful, just like you imagined. Whether you chose fall for its colors, winter for it's beautiful white blanket of snow, spring for new flowers, or summer for later sunsets... the weather today is just what you were dreaming of when you chose your date.

You get a text and reach over to grab your phone. "Good morning! Today is the day! I can't wait to see you tonight at 6pm for Ruby's session at Lawrencetown Beach. We are going to have SO much fun.   - Cassie"


You roll over in bed and there is your sweet pup, asleep on the pillow beside you. Your best furry friend. Your soulmate with a wet nose. The one who understands you completely, even though the two of you don't speak the same language. She opens her eyes to see you, and her little tail starts thumping happily.


If your pup has longer fur you may have scheduled a groom for today, or a few days prior to your session if you want them looking their absolute best. A little trim and a bath can make a world of difference in how you both feel and how your pup looks in the images.

And if you plan to be in a few photos as well, you'll want to think about your outfit. You want to dress for the weather, of course. We'll be outside for an hour together so you don't want to be too hot or too cold. Try to avoid patterns, logos, neons, or other loud colors. Bright colors in your clothing can actually appear in your pup's fur when you're next to each other, depending on the light. The best choices are solids, pastels, and neutrals.


Around 5pm you start gathering everything you'll need for your session: a long leash, their cutest collar, lots of tasty treats, your pup's favourite toy, and some poop bags - just in case! You get yourselves ready and head out to your session location, arriving about 15 minutes early. You know your pup well enough to know that new places are exciting (or maybe a little scary) and she needs some time to sniff around and get her bearings. The two of you explore the area a little, and are ready to go at 6:00.


That’s when the real fun begins! Now here’s the most important thing for you to remember: RELAX. Wet Nose sessions are no-stress situations. I promise. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your pup will be. I will arrive with some ideas in mind (some of my own, based on the location, and some of yours that we discussed in your pre-consult meeting). But mostly we’ll go with the flow! I’ll suggest spots to stop for a pose or stop for some playtime, and if my idea works… great! But if it’s not working out, we’ll move on. No big deal. We’ve got plenty of time together.


I know that a doggy photoshoot is not something that most of my clients have experienced before, so I’m here to walk you through it! If we come across a cool log that I think would look even better with a majestic pup on top, I’ll decide where I’d like to position myself, where I’d like your pup to be, and where you can stand in order to keep them in position but not be in the shot yourself. I’ll guide you in how to hold the leash to make it easiest for me to remove in Photoshop later, I’ll let you know if I’d prefer your pup to sit, stand, or lie down, and we’ll mix it up. Of course, that sweet pup always has the final say, though. If they’re not interested in being on that log, then we’re done with the log. If they’re getting antsy and need to have some zoomies after being a great model, we’ll find a field and make time for play. I’ll keep everything relaxed, happy, and easygoing.

We play, and pose, and chat, and laugh while we explore the great outdoors of this beautiful province. And as the sunset paints the sky pink, I capture a few last photos of the evening, and we pack up to go home. We're new friends now – just like that. What a difference an evening can make. You’ll get to see your pup through someone else’s eyes, and I know from my own personal experience that it fills one with pride. To see how smart, and sweet, and loving your dog is, when you’re introducing them to someone new. It makes your heart swell with joy and love for that fluffy little one.

As you drive home with the last rays of the sunset, you glance in the rearview mirror to see your pup has fallen asleep in the back seat, thoroughly exhausted and happy after an exciting adventure with you… her parent, her love, and her whole world.