2017 Wrap-up

Oh my goodness. 2017 has been fabulous! This was my 3rd year in business, and honestly, my best/most exciting one yet! But look out, because I have big plans to make 2018 even better...


In February I took this photo, which turned out to be one of my absolute favourites so far! Saskia was such a sweet and goofy pup, but I caught her looking majestic in a beam of sunlight and I just love it. I have this image printed as a 20"x30" sample and I bring it with me to shows like the Doggie Expo. It stops people in their tracks when they see her beautiful face. I'm so happy with this image!


In April I volunteered some time to take photos for the Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada website and loved the sweet greyhounds (and galgos and podencos) I met. I would love to book sessions for more pups like this! They're so gorgeous.


In May I went on an absolutely incredible trip to Hawaii with my family and was just blown away. Even now, when people ask me what Hawaii was like, I just don't have any words. It was just the most beautiful, the most wonderful, the most perfect place. I was in awe of everything. Every landscape was stunning, the palm trees were everywhere, the sun was so warm, the people were so kind. I took a surfing lesson, I zip lined down a mountain, I looked over the edge of Waimea Canyon, I swam beside turtles in the ocean (don't worry - I gave them plenty of space), and I ate in restaurants that were fully open on one side so the ocean breeze could waft in.

It was just so perfect, guys. I don't know what else to say. I feel so lucky to have experienced that. And I really, really, hope I can do it again one day.


In June I recruited a new group of Ambassadogs who have been just as wonderful as my first group of pups, and helped spread the word about Wet Nose Images to the pup parents of Halifax and beyond!


In September I got to photograph a horse for the first time, which was a really neat experience! I couldn't share the photos earlier because they were a surprise gift for someone for Christmas! But you can expect some more photos on Facebook and Instagram now that the gifts have been given!


Later that month I did an afternoon of photos for the pups attending the Cobequid Animal Hospital open house! I met and photographed more than 45 dogs (and 3 cats!) outside that day, and the rain miraculously held off until the very end. We got so lucky!


This year I also started offering indoor "lifestyle" sessions for cats, and I'm very excited about it! Most cats tend to stay indoors and aren't as willing to pose as dogs are (not as easily bribed) so these sessions flow differently than my typical outdoor dog sessions. If you or someone you know loves their sweet kitty to bits and is looking for someone to capture natural photos of their little friend in their happy spots around the house, send them my way - I would love to chat! I've done a few of these sessions already, and I used to live with 5 sweet, social kitties in the past, so I'm very happy to be in the company of cats and spend time with them. I'm certainly not a person who chooses dogs OR cats. I love 'em all!


In October I volunteered a morning to photograph the Elderdog walk in Bedford. This organization does amazing things for people and their dogs. If an owner is unable to do certain things for their pet, Elderdog will arrange for one of their volunteers to assist. For example, if someone is in a wheelchair and their dog needs more exercise than they are able to provide, someone will come to take the dog on regular hikes. Or if someone doesn't have access to a vehicle to take their dog to vet appointments, Elderdog will arrange transportation. They do everything in their power to keep people and their dogs together. And if an owner moves into an assisted living facility where dogs aren't allowed, or sadly passes away, Elderdog will take the dog into foster care and find them a new home where they'll be happy.


In October I also taught Ruby a new trick to put her head down. I'm so excited about this trick and the different ways I can use it in photos! This is a sweet example that I used for a Christmassy photo. She's such a good girl.


And in December I've been having fun with creating more festive photos with Ruby. We've done some of her in cute bandanas, in front of the tree lights, writing a letter to Santa, and leaving cookies out for him.


I have had such a fantastic year! I photographed over 100 dogs since January, from private sessions and larger events like the one at Cobequid Animal Hospital. Here are some of the sweet faces I met this year!