What is A Reveal Like?


After your session has taken place at your favourite location with your favourite pups we will schedule your Reveal & Order meeting. Next to the session itself, this what my clients say is the most exciting part of the Wet Nose experience! It's the day they get to see the final images from the session for the first time and decide which ones they want to decorate their home.

By the time the Reveal meeting arrives, you and I have already discussed the wall art and album options that I offer and you'll have been envisioning how you want to display the images in your home. You've received my pricing guide and we've talked about general sizing and grouping options for portraits on the wall. But this is the big day where it all finally becomes real!

We meet up at a quiet coffee shop, grab a warm drink, and sit down together. I open my laptop, turn it towards you, and there are your pups' beautiful faces on the screen. This is usually when I hear a squeak of delight and your hands fly to your mouth. Those furry faces are your absolute favourites and you've been so excited for this moment all week. As the images slowly flip through like a slideshow, you "aww" and "ohhh" over them. We get to the final image and and you start to wonder how you're ever going to make your decisions on which images are your favourites and where you'd like to display them in your home.


But don't worry! I'm here to help, I reassure you. And we start from the first image again. You get to go through them a second time and mark each image as Yes, Maybe, or No. That way you'll have a collection of Yeses and Maybes and we'll just concentrate on those ones as we move forward. Once you've marked all the images, we discuss product options again. I offer beautiful canvases, framed and matted prints, custom paintings by Danny B Studios, and coffee table albums. You tell me you've always loved canvases, and you think your parents would love a framed print for their home (can't forget the grandpawrents!), plus you've also been eyeing the coffee table album I brought with me as a sample. I have a few different wall groupings to show you, so you can think about how you'd like to display the images together - groups of three or four. They could be all in a row as you go up the stairs, or perhaps a collection in the living room with two on top and two on the bottom. You decide you love the idea of three images along the staircase, so you can see those sweet portraits every night on your way to bed!


I help you decide on some images that would work really well together in that grouping, based on the background colors, the direction the dogs are facing, the orientation of the images, etc. And you choose your final favourites for this collection: a horizontal image with both pups in the middle, and then a portrait of each pup separately on either side. There's another favourite of both pups together that you choose for your parents' Christmas gift, and by this point you just know you need that album so you can take home even more images. The 20-image album is the perfect fit because you ended up selecting that many images as favourites! I will design the album to fit all the images beautifully, and it will be ready in a few weeks. Today might have felt like Christmas... but just wait until you have these products in your hands!

Taking photos of your dogs is so important - they are our family and they are loved fiercely. Even if you're taking photos with your smartphone, it's still so important! We never know what life has in store for us and you don't want to regret not taking more photos of your sweet pups. Of course, you have the opportunity to hire a photographer, that's even better! Decorate your home with photos that bring you joy and celebrate all the lives you cherish. Seize the day... take those photos.