Featured Product - Floating Prints

Your Wet Nose Experience is going to be one-of-a-kind!

Not only am I beside you for every step of the process, from our very first meeting right up to your product delivery... but you also have the very best products available to choose from!

I have carefully sourced every product I offer, based on high quality, where they're produced, and how ethical they are. For example, most of my products are made here in Canada, and the covers on my coffee table albums are leatherette, not leather. So no other animals are hurt in order for you to enjoy these images of your pups.

I don't want you to go home with only a USB of pictures that will get lost in your junk drawer or buried on Facebook the day after they're posted. I want you to have so much more than that. When you decide to book your pup's session with me, you are making the decision to celebrate the amazing journey you share with your dog, and to feel that excitement again every single day. Your absolute favourite image(s) will be on your wall for you to see each morning, and each evening when you return from a long day at work. You'll walk by that gorgeous canvas with the happiest face you've ever seen, and think, "Man... I friggin' love that dog!"

Today's feature is my gorgeous Floating Print. The unique backing on these prints allows them to appear like they’re floating just off the wall. They’re durable but still lightweight for hanging. They also have a handy groove that makes hanging a breeze! Floating prints have a beautiful matte surface so you don’t have to worry about glare if they’re going to be in a room with lots of sunlight.