Pup Parent Confessions: The Beginning


Hey, fellow dog parents! Today I wanted to "sit down" with you today and talk about some stuff that I think many of you will be able to relate to. I might make a series out of this and have more blogs in the future that cover topics like the one I'm about to discuss today.

I want to talk about those sneaky feelings of guilt that we have, as dog owners. Just like parents of human children, we often experience guilt about whether or not we're doing everything right for our pups. Whether we've made all the right decisions and choices since the day we brought this precious soul home. On almost every possible topic in the dog community, it seems that there are often two drastically different viewpoints. But lots of us are stuck in the middle and not sure which side is right (or right for us) until we do more research. Or sometimes we make a decision, and then later educate ourselves and realize that maybe that wasn't the best one to make.

Nobody is perfect! Everyone is continually learning and growing for their whole life. We all make mistakes or regret some choices, but that is life, isn't it?

Today I'm confessing some of my guilty feelings. Something that can't be changed now, and I honestly don't want to change it now anyway. But whenever the subject comes up, I feel a little guilty and embarrassed about the decisions of my past self.


We didn't adopt Ruby, and we didn't get her from a reputable breeder either.

We got her from someone who had a puppy who needed a home. Yep, the thing you're not supposed to do. The shady people you're not supposed to support. Those are the kind of decisions you sometimes make before you're better educated about these things. And I am no exception.


So sometimes when people ask where we got Ruby, I'm embarrassed. That is where we got her and that will always be the answer - there's nothing I can do to change it now. But do you know what? Ruby is perfect for our family. I mean, none of us are perfect (including her, haha) but she fits our lives so well and we love her so incredibly much. I don't want to think about where she might have ended up if we weren't the ones who took her home. It could have been bad.

But guess what - that didn't happen! We have her now, and she is ours forever. We may have made a less-than-stellar choice in hindsight, but since it's in the past and I can't change it now, all I can change are my feelings about it. I'm SO glad we got our precious Ruby because our lives are so much better with her in them. She is right where she belongs.