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Duly Noted | Dog Friendly Halifax

Last weekend I visited an adorable shop in Halifax called Duly Noted (on Doyle St, right near Spring Garden). They sell beautiful greeting cards, notebooks, craft papers, gift items… it’s a stationery lover’s heaven! They’re also dog friendly, so I knew I had to photograph a pup in there!

Since it’s a small shop, I decided a small breed would be the best choice. And Azalea was the first little model I thought of! She was one of my Ambassadogs in 2017 and she’s a little supermodel.

Check her out!

And stay tuned for an upcoming blog where I challenged myself to use a little compact camera and photograph Azalea downtown Halifax!

Tod and Memphis: Camping Dogs Photo Session

Tod and Memphis are best buds, even though they seem like complete opposites. Tod the Beagle is eager to pose but always looks quite serious. He's also a little guy. Memphis the Bernese towers over him and always has the happiest, goofiest grin on his face. They are the most adorable duo and I absolutely loved photographing them!

For their photo session, their mum loved the idea of a camping theme. So we found a beautiful park beside a lake and set them up with their own little camp for their photo shoot!

Do your dogs love camping with you? What's their favourite part of a camping trip?

How to Choose a Photographer (For Any Occasion)

Choosing a photographer is tough.

Whether you need someone to photograph your wedding, your baby, or your dog, there are often lots of choices in your area and as a client it can be hard to know which one is going to be the best fit for you. What is the difference between all of these options? How do you make sure you're picking the right one?

The good news is that there is no ONE right answer that fits everyone. Each photographer is different, they offer a different experience, and create different work. But there is a right photographer for you! And I will help you find them.

Here are some important things to keep in mind and help you find the right match for YOU:


1) The look or style of the images.

Do you love the colors in that photographer's portfolio? Can you imagine yourself (or your dog) in those images? Do you love bold colours or something more pastel? Or maybe you're looking for a more moody vibe? Find a photographer whose work you simply love to look at.



2) The location or setting of the images.

Does this photographer primarily use a studio or an outdoor location? Which one excites you the most for your own photos? What are you envisioning for your session?



3) Their reputation.

Do you know a friend who has used this photographer before? If not, can you look at some reviews and see if they resonate with you and make you feel excited about working with this person? Reading what other clients have to say is really helpful. How much did they love their experience? Are they giving details about it that help you imagine yourself in the same scenario? You can find reviews on Google, on Facebook, or even on the photographer's website.



4) Their specialty.

I think this is most important part. What is this photographer known for? What type of photography do they show the most in their portfolio/website? If they're showing weddings but you need photos of your newborn, they might not be the best fit. It's just not what they seem to do the most. And you want someone who has experience. Every type of photography is very different and requires different skill sets. You want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing!
So if their entire website is dedicated to dogs and that's exactly what you're looking for... then you're on the right track.


In the end, you want to take the information available to you and decide on a few really great choices to contact for more information. You can meet up with them in person prior to booking and make sure you get along well and you feel comfortable with them. This initial meeting is so great for both the client and the photographer! It gets your journey off to a wonderful start.


There is a perfect photographer out there for you, and now you have these tools at your disposal to find them!

Leashes Be Gone!

I know what you're thinking.

You've been following Wet Nose Images for a while, enjoying the cute pups, but all the while thinking, "Those dogs aren't on leashes and they're standing perfectly still. They must be professional models! My dog could never do that.. so I won't be able to get professional photos."

But I'm here to (gleefully) tell you that you're wrong!

Yep. In fact, 90% of the dogs I photograph are actually on leash during the session. This can be for a variety of reasons:

  1. The dog doesn't have reliable recall so the leash is for their safety
  2. The location we've chosen requires it by law
  3. The dog is so excited to be there that we just need the leash to keep them close by and focused on us instead of all the other dogs, all the smells, all the water they could jump into, etc.

So for those main reasons (and any others that may come up) I encourage most clients to keep their dogs on leash during their session. This is the most common scenario, so you're not in the minority if your dog needs to be leashed!

But in the final images, that leash can be distracting. Our eye wants to follow it instinctively and see where it leads (which is away from the pup's face). So I remove the leash during editing to keep the image strong and focused on your dog.

I did a little time-lapse video of me doing a fairly simple leash removal in Photoshop, and I've included the Before and After images below!

Speedy quick!





You can see how much nicer the edited image looks, once we take away the distracting leash. Norah looks freer, and we can now concentrate on her beautiful eyes and golden, sunlit fur!

Here is another example with London and Cooper from Madison's 2 Paws Up Dog Treats:





That one was trickier, due to all the poles and boats in the background. But I really wanted to get a sweet photo of these two on the bridge, so we made it happen!

So if your pup has lots of energy or still has lots of work to do on their recall... please don't worry one bit. Your dog can absolutely have a magical session just like the ones you've been seeing here.

Send me a message and we'll start planning your spring or summer session (which gives you something wonderful to look forward to, during the chilly Nova Scotian winter)!

5 Fun Photo Ideas to Try With Your Dog This Holiday Season

I'm feeling verrrry Christmassy these days and I just love the ambiance and overall feeling at this time of year. Everything feels cozy and magical. And I get so excited to create images that evoke that feeling as well.

I want you to get the most out of your holiday celebrations and have images that you cherish as well, so I've compiled a list of 5 fun photo ideas to try during the holidays, as well as tips on how to make the magic happen.

If you try some of these and post them on Facebook or Instagram, I'd love for you to tag my Wet Nose Images account so that I can see them. I love seeing everyone's photos.


Counting down from 5 to 1, we start with...

#5 - In front of the tree


This is the first one I always want to do every year. I love the lights on the tree, but with a few tips you can make it even more magical! Have your pup sit away from the tree instead of right in front of it. That way when you focus on your dog, the tree goes out of focus. That's where the magic happens! When you make lights go out of focus they turn into beautiful orbs of light!

#4 - Playing in the snow


Depending on where you live and the weather, this opportunity may not present itself as easily. But hopefully you'll get some snow for Christmas! Ruby loves snow zoomies and she leaps through it like a gazelle when it's deep. I love her love for snow - it brightens my days when I'm grumpy about the cold.

On a sunny day the snow will be very bright, so you'll need to keep that in mind. If you have a brown or black dog this type of shot will be even trickier because the dog and the snow are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I recommend making sure your dog is lit by the sun so that he or she isn't too dark to see.

#3 - Enjoying the outdoor lights


Similar to the tree photo, you can make the outside lights turn into beautiful orbs if you position yourself and your pup carefully. Again, you'll want to keep your dog far from the lights so that they are quite out of focus, and then have your dog close to the camera. You can use the lights on houses in your neighbourhood, lights downtown, street lights, or even a big tree downtown!

#2 - Waiting for treats/Waiting for Santa


If you've got a patient pup, this can be a fun one to try! And if your pup isn't very patient just yet, this is something fun you two can work on together. Build up to it, and you'll be so excited when you get there! Check out my blog about teaching tricks if you're not sure where to start.

You could have the treats on the table and take a photo to show your pup waiting on the floor with big eyes, or try a setup on the floor like I did with Ruby.


And finally....

#1 - With their favourite person - you.


The best idea of them all is to make sure YOU get in some photos with your sweet pups. They love you so much, and I know you love them just the same! Having a photo of you together is so precious. You can have someone take more candid photos as well, of your interaction together - giving kisses, hugging, snuggling on the couch, etc. Whatever shows your special bond! Just make sure you get in there with them sometimes. You won't regret it.

Why Am I A Dog Photographer?

People often reply “I’m living the dream!” when asked about their day at work, but you can tell it’s dripping with sarcasm. Well, I’m lucky enough to not be joking when I say it. This career is absolutely a dream and even with all the challenges that this industry and this job involve, I am always so excited to continue learning, challenging myself, and overcoming obstacles to make myself and my work better. In photography you never stop learning. Never. If you do, your work will plateau and you will become bored and unsatisfied with your work. I promise you, and I promise myself that I won’t let that happen.

Our goofy Ruby in her happy place.

Our goofy Ruby in her happy place.

I waited 26 years to bring a dog into my own life and I’m so happy we found our Ruby when we were ready. She’s the perfect addition to our wee family and she was definitely meant to be ours. She’s working on being a great model for me and is eager to pose for a tasty reward. Having Ruby in my life allows me to have a muse and constant subject for testing new gear and techniques. She’s definitely the star of the Wet Nose Instagram account, and now her other mum has made an account just for her! You can keep tabs on this crazy pup by following @WetNoseImagesHalifax and @RubyRoo_The_Pittie.


This may or may not come as a surprise, but I’m much more of a dog person than a people person. I know - you’re probably shocked. But I will happily sit in the corner of a party with the dog rather than socialize with the other humans. Dogs are so much more than “just pets” as all dog people will confirm. Dogs don’t judge, dogs don’t care about any of the things we might be insecure about or wish we were better at. Dog love unconditionally and are overjoyed to see you - Every. Single. Time.

Photographing dogs comes much easier and more naturally to me than photographing people. Dogs aren’t self-conscious or worried about their hair. They’re not camera shy and they don’t put on a fake smile when the camera comes out. They just look amazing always… even with a derp face! And let me tell you: people love, love, love their dogs.

Dog people love their dogs so much that the idea of a photoshoot for their favourite furry family member doesn’t even need a second thought. If you’d have your family photographed, of course you’d have your dog photographed! If you’d put your wedding photos up on the wall, of course you’d put a professional portrait of your dog on the wall. When a dog comes into your life it changes you for the better, in so many ways. Everyone’s story is unique but everyone can agree on this. Our dogs can’t speak to us but somehow we understand each other and they show us how to live more carefree. To appreciate the little things and to take time out of a busy day to just frolic in a field.

Beautiful Daisy at her Graffiti Session.

Beautiful Daisy at her Graffiti Session.

Our dogs are so amazing that our cellphone cameras just can’t fully capture their true souls. Trust me, I try that quite often and I’m usually disappointed in the results. But when I’m out enjoying the natural beauty of Nova Scotia with our pup and my camera, I can come home with exactly the images I was dreaming of. My camera and my experience allow me to set up the images that will look beautiful, and capture them just as I planned.

I typically photograph only dogs, but sometimes owners like to be in a few images with their pups, and I’m always happy to make that happen! As owners, we’re usually photographing our dogs from our point of view, but there are very few photos of the two of us together. And I can help with that. How big would your heart swell to see a beautiful portrait of you and your fluffy best friend up on the wall, for years to come? And every time you had friends and family over you’d get to gush about your sweet pup all over again.

Camellia and Blitz enjoying some yoga together.

Camellia and Blitz enjoying some yoga together.

Big prints over the living room couch, beautiful Nova Scotian sunsets, and special moments with your amazing dog - THAT is why I’m a dog photographer.

Let's start planning your session today! Contact me.