My Favourite Christmas Movies

I have mixed feelings about the winter season. I do NOT enjoy being cold, but I love Christmas. I get upset that the sun sets so early, but I enjoy snuggly evenings on the couch with a warm blanket and a book.

I do love the look of a beautiful fresh coat of snow.

And I do love my Christmas movies.

So I decided to dedicate today's blog to my very favourite Christmas movies! I have a longer list of movies that will be watched this month, but these ones are my absolute favourites and MUST be watched every year or else it isn't really Christmas.


The Santa Clause

Alright, so we're going to start with my have-to-watch-every-Christmas-Eve movie. This is the one for sure. When I watch this movie, everything is right in the world, life feels magical, and I know Christmas Eve is finally here. There was only one year where I didn't get to watch it and I was devastated. I had worked very early on Christmas Eve morning, so by the time my family and I sat down to watch this movie that evening, I was so tired that I fell asleep and only woke up after it ended. I was so disappointed! I waited all year to watch that movie and then passed out. Hopefully that never happens again!

The Family Stone

Over the years, people have asked what my favourite movie is (of any genre), and most of the time I replied that it was impossible to choose one. But a few years ago I sat down and really thought about it because I wanted to have an official Favourite Movie, even if it might change in the future. I just wanted to decide on one for that time in my life. At that time I decided on Rushmore, and was happy with that answer for a few years until I discovered The Family Stone. I re-watched this movie a few times and then it was official - my new favourite movie of all time.

To me it is just so perfect. I love all of the characters and the growth they all go through, I love the sign language, I love their family dynamics, I love all the details in that home, I love the music, and I love the dialogue. It's just perfect to me, and I'll watch it even when it's not Christmas. I break the rules sometimes!

Love Actually

This is another film that I will sometimes watch at other times of the year - it isn't only for Christmas watching. I also love all the characters in this movie, how their stories all intertwine in various ways, I love British humour, I love so many of the actors, and I definitely love the soundtrack.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Growing up, this was the other movie that we had to watch on Christmas Eve every year. My dad absolutely love this one (we're talking about the animated movie, narrated by Boris Karlof, just to be clear!) and it was always our tradition to watch it first that evening, followed by The Santa Clause. This movie is short, but it's such a classic. It's so funny and sweet. And who can resist a story with the word "chimbley" in it?

Miracle on 34th Street

For years I'd heard about this movie but never really had an interest in watching it. I think I may have watched it one year, maybe in middle school, but it didn't make an impact on me, so I didn't watch it again for several years. When I did decide to give it another shot, it made a much bigger impression on me that time! Maybe I just had trouble getting into it when I was younger, since it was black and white. Who knows. But after I fell in love with it, I've now watched it every year and it's just so sweet! I love the legal aspect to it, and how this lawyer intends to legally prove that this man is really Santa. Such a cool take on the Santa story. And I always tear up at the very end. "There IS one! There IS one!"

The Polar Express

Finally, this is another unique Christmas movie that I just adore. It feels like you're on a roller coaster the whole time, the animation is so beautiful and vibrant, Tom Hanks is the voice of almost every character (awesome), and the songs are just beautiful, too.

I think I love movies where one character is very skeptical or just flat-out doesn't believe in Santa and then gets won over and the magic of Christmas comes back to them. That seems to be a big theme in three of my five favourite Christmas movies. Even though I'm an adult, I still love the magical feeling of Christmas and pretending, just while these movies are on, that there really is some wonderful magic out there.



What are your favourite Christmas movies or traditions that you look forward to every year?

Top 15 Instagram Pups (My Personal Faves)

A few blog posts ago I listed some of my favourite Instagram accounts for local puppers (here). And now I want to share some of my other favourites who live farther away!

These aren't in any particular order - just the order in which I remembered them. If you want some beautiful images in your IG feed and want to make some new pupper friends, be sure to check these guys out and follow them! Each one has a link so you can quickly pop over and take a peek.



1) Joey @iggyjoey - Toronto

Described in her profile as a Fashion Icon, Lifestyle Enthusiast, and kangaroo/Deer Hybrid, this teeny Italian Greyhound is just adorable. She wears all sorts of hilarious and cute outfits and has great captions to go along with them all!


2) Whitest Pups You Know @thewhitestpupsyouknow - Indiana

This pack includes Beebs, Stache, and Jax, and they're all white with just bits of black. So gorgeous! They spend their days lounging on pool floaties, rolling in the grass, and being sweet models for the camera.


3) Ruby @rubydooby_do - California

Ruby (not my Ruby!) is a stunning Doberman who seems to be an incredible little (big!) model. She always looks so regal and strong. Except for some photos where she's running and smiling like the sweetie she is.


4) Boris @boris_the_instapug - Belgium

Boris' feed is very minimalist and white, which is so lovely to look at! He fits right in, with his fur coloring. You can see snippets of his sweet life, cruising the streets of Belgium, rolling around on beds, and so many snuggles.


5) Luna & Blue @lunaandblue - U.K.

These two are gorgeous and fluffy German Shepherds and their parent is a photographer. The look and feel of their IG feed is fantastic - rich, earthy colors and a lovely film-type look. I love it! They go on adventures in the wilderness all the time and the views are gorgeous.


6) Fletcher & Opal @fletcherandopal - Australia

These two also have a photographer parent - one of my idols, actually! Charlotte Reeves is an amazing dog photographer. Fletcher and Opal are both quite young, but they learn quickly! They're Australian Shepherds, so they're eager to work.


7) Kona & Cali @west_coast_heeler_pack - British Columbia

These two beautiful Heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs) are always out adventuring with their people. Climbing mountains, crossing rivers, camping, and just enjoying every aspect of being outdoors ... in Canada!


8) Scout @ichbinscout - Germany

This little whippet is just too cute. His IG feed is full of snippets of life around his home, in the park, and exploring his city! He always looks so dainty, so soft, and so sweet.


9) Hector @hectorschnauzer - Norway

Hector is the whitest Schnauzer I've ever seen! His mum has some magical product that keeps him looking like a beautiful meringue and he's just stunning. He's often modeling some cute human clothes like bow ties, flower crowns, and sweaters, but also regular dog things like lovely collars and bandanas.


10) Fergie @lifeoffergie - South Africa

Fergie has the best expressions, probably because she's an Italian Greyhound and they seem to be good at those! She can often be found modeling with flowers, just like Hector. But she wears flowers of all sizes and colors, and they may be headbands, necklaces, hats, or even a bed of flowers to lie upon. She's certainly a queen, as the crown emoji in her bio shows.


11) Brinks @smilingbrinks - NYC

I'm sure you've seen this guy around the interwebs. I know we all think our dogs look like they're smiling... but just look at this guy's smile! It is probably the most heart-melting thing you'll see today.


12) Leroy @lifewithleroy - Portland

Leroy is a handsome scruffy dude full of joy. He loves naps, his baby brother, his bandanas, and riding on motorcycles!


13) Remix @remixthedog - Miami

This cool little dude moves between Miami and Toronto and is always having a fabulous time. Visiting the swankiest patios, pools, concerts, and looking dapper as heck the whole time.


14) Tink & Meek @tinkandmeek - Colorado

These two fluffy pups are Samoyeds and I can't get enough of their floof! They're always smiling, they look so similar (except for those noses), and they often look like they must be teddy bears instead of actual dogs!


15) Momo @momosface - everywhere

Momo and his dad travel all over the place and, being a Border Collie, Momo is very eager to work and practice commands. On his dad's IG account ((@andrewknapp), he'll play "find Momo" where he posts a landscape photo and you have to try and spot a tiny Momo somewhere within it. Momo also has his own account just for photos of his sweet face. It's way too cute! Such gorgeous eyes.



I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek at some of my favourite accounts. What are some of yours? I'd love to fill my feed with even more cuteness!

See my blog post about my favourite local IG accounts here!