Golden Retrievers

Puppies Puppies Puppies!

Last weekend I got to meet and photograph the most adorable litter of 8 golden retriever puppies! They were so energetic and curious, and were bouncing all over the place. They are going to their new homes very soon, to start a great new adventure!

They've been loved and cared for since birth by Madison and her family (from 2 Paws Up)!

Have they given you puppy fever? ;)

Doggie Birthday Parties Are Just The Best!

Last weekend I was asked to document some of Leo's 12th birthday party, which would be attended by his (human) mum, his doggie younger brother, Moose, and several of his doggie friends.

This may have been a first for me with Wet Nose Images, but I've decided it definitely won't be the last. It was so much fun! I will absolutely be adding dog birthday party sessions to my offering, and eagerly looking forward to the next time I can document a party like this.

Here are some of my favourite party images from the day - some cake, some portraits, and some playtime. We also did some portraits of Leo and Moose on their own, before the party started. Their mum has this awesome old VW Beetle that she let me use for some photos and I love it!!

P.S. All the dogs at the party were blonde - good luck telling them apart!


So tell me... have you ever had a birthday party for your dogs? How did you celebrate with them? Did you have cake, presents, balloons, streamers? How big was the party?