Pet Photography

Featured Product - Acrylic Prints

Have I mentioned my favourite products are Acrylic Prints?? They are just STUNNING in person and I basically want every client to have one.

Similar to the Floating Prints, these Acrylic Prints have a frame on the back with a groove for easy mounting on your wall. The print itself is done on a paper with a metallic finish, so it has some extra sheen to it. This adds to the almost 3D quality of the finished product when the clear layer of acrylic is put in front of it!

They are just something else! So unlike anything you’d find in a store.

And when you put YOUR amazing dog onto a unique product like this, it truly becomes one of a kind. That is exactly what I want for my clients!

I want you to be overjoyed when you unwrap them for the first time, and again when you hang them over your mantle or your couch… and every day when you walk past it and smile, remembering just how lucky you feel to share your life with this amazing dog.

Start planning your session today! Send me a message and let’s meet for coffee to talk everything over.

Leto the Bearded Dragon

Leto the bearded dragon was such a cool dude to photograph! I’m mainly a dog photographer, but I am always up for the exciting challenge of photographing other animals and pets. No matter how big or small!

I had such a great time meeting Leto (my first bearded dragon friend!) in his living room. I captured exactly what I wanted to - a cool critter just hanging out around his home. I absolutely love these portraits and can’t wait for another in-home session like this!

Nibbler the Hedgehog

I'm usually known as Halifax's Dog Photographer... but I may have to adjust that to Halifax's Pet Photographer because I've been meeting some wonderful pets lately who aren't dogs!

This past weekend I got to meet a hedgehog for the first time! His name is Nibbler. He was a sweet but nervous little dude, but I wanted him to know that I was there to be his friend. No sudden movements or loud noises - he's not fond of those. He seemed pretty comfy in my hands and stuck his little nose out to sniff around, and he was brave enough to show me around his home!

Since he didn't know about the photoshoot ahead of time (must have forgotten to put it in his hedgie agenda), he forgot to use the bathroom before he left his cage. So we did have a little incident on the table cloth during the session! Hopefully he's not too embarrassed about that. Sorry for bringing that up again, Nib.

Here are my favourite images from his session!

You are my kind of people

We are living in an amazing time.

There are more gadgets and apps than ever before, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket - it's attached to their phone! (How crazy is that sentence?) So almost everyone has the ability to take photos of their dogs whenever they want. First thing in the morning, out for a hike, at the pet store, etc. And judging by the amount of dog Instagram accounts I shamelessly follow... dog owners definitely make the most of this technology! I love it.

So why would anyone bother hiring a professional photographer?

Why pay someone else when you can take pictures yourself, right? The beautiful thing is that it's completely your choice. You don't have to hire anyone if you don't want to. You have a camera of some kind (camera phone, film camera, even a disposable camera) and you can save the moments that matter to you on a daily basis. I love that! I am so happy that nobody has to feel like they missed a special moment because they either don't own a camera, or didn't bring it with them. Our smartphones are always with us!

So no, my work isn't for everyone. Photography is not a need like groceries. Photography is a want.


Wet Nose Images was created for those who want it (but it feels more like gotta have it). My work is for those pup parents who don't feel their iPhone snapshots are enough. Those pictures just don't do their incredible dog justice and they want something more. Something to put on the wall and gush over every day. Something to hold in their hands instead of just sitting in an album on Facebook (where you'll see it come up once a year in your Memories).


It's for those people who spend as many waking moments with their dog as humanly possible (and miss their pup like crazy while they're at work). The dog owners whose idea of a perfect weekend is hiking and camping with the dogs, or attending an agility trial together, or even learning how to Stand-Up Paddleboard with their dog. The people who would love nothing more than to sit on a blissfully warm, quiet beach and watch a golden sunset with their sweet pup right beside them.


If you've ever gotten a tattoo to celebrate to your dogs, or skipped a party to hang out with your puppy, or changed the name of your Instagram account to your dog's name (because, honestly, there hadn't been a picture posted of you in months)... you're my kind of people.


You are the people that Wet Nose Images is all about. Booking a session with me means you're planning yet another incredible evening with your dog. A new adventure together and new memories made. But this time... you don't have to worry about having your phone out, trying to catch the moments yourself. I've got it covered.

All you have to do is show up, relax, and have a blast with your best bud.