You are my kind of people

We are living in an amazing time.

There are more gadgets and apps than ever before, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket - it's attached to their phone! (How crazy is that sentence?) So almost everyone has the ability to take photos of their dogs whenever they want. First thing in the morning, out for a hike, at the pet store, etc. And judging by the amount of dog Instagram accounts I shamelessly follow... dog owners definitely make the most of this technology! I love it.

So why would anyone bother hiring a professional photographer?

Why pay someone else when you can take pictures yourself, right? The beautiful thing is that it's completely your choice. You don't have to hire anyone if you don't want to. You have a camera of some kind (camera phone, film camera, even a disposable camera) and you can save the moments that matter to you on a daily basis. I love that! I am so happy that nobody has to feel like they missed a special moment because they either don't own a camera, or didn't bring it with them. Our smartphones are always with us!

So no, my work isn't for everyone. Photography is not a need like groceries. Photography is a want.


Wet Nose Images was created for those who want it (but it feels more like gotta have it). My work is for those pup parents who don't feel their iPhone snapshots are enough. Those pictures just don't do their incredible dog justice and they want something more. Something to put on the wall and gush over every day. Something to hold in their hands instead of just sitting in an album on Facebook (where you'll see it come up once a year in your Memories).


It's for those people who spend as many waking moments with their dog as humanly possible (and miss their pup like crazy while they're at work). The dog owners whose idea of a perfect weekend is hiking and camping with the dogs, or attending an agility trial together, or even learning how to Stand-Up Paddleboard with their dog. The people who would love nothing more than to sit on a blissfully warm, quiet beach and watch a golden sunset with their sweet pup right beside them.


If you've ever gotten a tattoo to celebrate to your dogs, or skipped a party to hang out with your puppy, or changed the name of your Instagram account to your dog's name (because, honestly, there hadn't been a picture posted of you in months)... you're my kind of people.


You are the people that Wet Nose Images is all about. Booking a session with me means you're planning yet another incredible evening with your dog. A new adventure together and new memories made. But this time... you don't have to worry about having your phone out, trying to catch the moments yourself. I've got it covered.

All you have to do is show up, relax, and have a blast with your best bud.


Why Prints? (Or, Why Not Digitals?)

In this era of digital-everything, we want everything fast, compact, and always accessible. And for most things, this is wonderful. Now almost everyone has access to a camera because of their smartphone or tablet so they can always take photos of their little ones, their silly drinking moments, or their new puppy. And I love this! Not everyone has the budget for professional photography, or has it as a priority in their life, which is just fine - everyone priorities purchases differently than the next person. Some spend hundreds on a purse because that brand is very important to them. Some spend hundreds every month on their Starbucks coffee because it is the best thing they’ve ever tasted and they cannot go without it. We all get to choose what to do with our money, and what we feel has most value for us and our lifestyle.



Digital copies are great to have of your own pictures - we’ve all got hundreds, no thousands of pictures on our phone or computer. And that’s probably per month, right? We take so many pictures these days because it costs nothing and it’s so easy. Once our phone gets full we have to move the pictures to our computer to make more room. We save all these snapshots on our hard drive, on a USB, or a CD. We think they’re safe because digitals seem indestructible. If we wanted, we could print them over and over, as many times as we want and still have the digital to go back to. But you know what? Digital technology changes so fast. If your wedding video is on a VHS, you may still have that cherished tape… but do you even have a VCR anymore? Do you have a way to actually watch that special video? USBs and CDs are still current, but the newest laptops are coming out with no CD drives now. So a CD of pictures is no good to someone without a CD drive!

Max's parents purchased several of these beautiful  mounted prints  for their home.

Max's parents purchased several of these beautiful mounted prints for their home.

All my clients' images are archived in 2 separate locations so that I know they’re safe and I can access them to fill orders when needed. But the service I provide to my clients is actually not focused on digital images at all. Sure, my camera is digital, and I store my work on an external hard drive (until a new futuristic storage system becomes the norm!)... but what my clients come to me for is prints. Real, tangible artwork that I can deliver in person, and they can see every day in their home. Whether they’ve hung their 20x30 canvas above the sofa, or they have their leather coffee table album in the living room for guests to flip through, it’s all a physical experience. This is truly what a photography is about (printed photographs), the idea of printing our photos has been pushed to the side since digital technology came along. And I was guilty of it myself. A few years ago I used to give clients a CD of images after I’d spent hours carefully editing each one to my standards of quality. But I know the images just stayed on that CD. They were never printed or framed or enjoyed the way they were intended. When booking a professional portrait session, you’re making an investment in artwork and memories of this unique time in your pup’s life. They will only be this age once. “Print what you want to preserve”, a wise soul once said. New technology will become outdated so many times in your life. But those prints of your grandparents as children? You can still see them without any fancy gadget necessary. A print stands the test of time and doesn’t rely on anything else to be enjoyed.



The Wet Nose Experience is focused on printed products because you deserve to see your favourite images every day in your home. You’ve invested your time and money wisely when choosing Wet Nose Images as your photographer. From beginning to end, you’ll be taken care of and met with in-person multiple times to ensure clear communication, to make sure your needs are met, and that you are completely overjoyed with your final images. Wet Nose Images believes in printing the images you love so that you can adorn the walls of your home with love and fluffy, four-legged joy.

Why Am I A Dog Photographer?

People often reply “I’m living the dream!” when asked about their day at work, but you can tell it’s dripping with sarcasm. Well, I’m lucky enough to not be joking when I say it. This career is absolutely a dream and even with all the challenges that this industry and this job involve, I am always so excited to continue learning, challenging myself, and overcoming obstacles to make myself and my work better. In photography you never stop learning. Never. If you do, your work will plateau and you will become bored and unsatisfied with your work. I promise you, and I promise myself that I won’t let that happen.

Our goofy Ruby in her happy place.

Our goofy Ruby in her happy place.

I waited 26 years to bring a dog into my own life and I’m so happy we found our Ruby when we were ready. She’s the perfect addition to our wee family and she was definitely meant to be ours. She’s working on being a great model for me and is eager to pose for a tasty reward. Having Ruby in my life allows me to have a muse and constant subject for testing new gear and techniques. She’s definitely the star of the Wet Nose Instagram account, and now her other mum has made an account just for her! You can keep tabs on this crazy pup by following @WetNoseImagesHalifax and @RubyRoo_The_Pittie.


This may or may not come as a surprise, but I’m much more of a dog person than a people person. I know - you’re probably shocked. But I will happily sit in the corner of a party with the dog rather than socialize with the other humans. Dogs are so much more than “just pets” as all dog people will confirm. Dogs don’t judge, dogs don’t care about any of the things we might be insecure about or wish we were better at. Dog love unconditionally and are overjoyed to see you - Every. Single. Time.

Photographing dogs comes much easier and more naturally to me than photographing people. Dogs aren’t self-conscious or worried about their hair. They’re not camera shy and they don’t put on a fake smile when the camera comes out. They just look amazing always… even with a derp face! And let me tell you: people love, love, love their dogs.

Dog people love their dogs so much that the idea of a photoshoot for their favourite furry family member doesn’t even need a second thought. If you’d have your family photographed, of course you’d have your dog photographed! If you’d put your wedding photos up on the wall, of course you’d put a professional portrait of your dog on the wall. When a dog comes into your life it changes you for the better, in so many ways. Everyone’s story is unique but everyone can agree on this. Our dogs can’t speak to us but somehow we understand each other and they show us how to live more carefree. To appreciate the little things and to take time out of a busy day to just frolic in a field.

Beautiful Daisy at her Graffiti Session.

Beautiful Daisy at her Graffiti Session.

Our dogs are so amazing that our cellphone cameras just can’t fully capture their true souls. Trust me, I try that quite often and I’m usually disappointed in the results. But when I’m out enjoying the natural beauty of Nova Scotia with our pup and my camera, I can come home with exactly the images I was dreaming of. My camera and my experience allow me to set up the images that will look beautiful, and capture them just as I planned.

I typically photograph only dogs, but sometimes owners like to be in a few images with their pups, and I’m always happy to make that happen! As owners, we’re usually photographing our dogs from our point of view, but there are very few photos of the two of us together. And I can help with that. How big would your heart swell to see a beautiful portrait of you and your fluffy best friend up on the wall, for years to come? And every time you had friends and family over you’d get to gush about your sweet pup all over again.

Camellia and Blitz enjoying some yoga together.

Camellia and Blitz enjoying some yoga together.

Big prints over the living room couch, beautiful Nova Scotian sunsets, and special moments with your amazing dog - THAT is why I’m a dog photographer.

Let's start planning your session today! Contact me.