Top 5 Toys For Tough Chewers

Does your sweet pup love to chew? Do even the cutest or most expensive toys end up completely demolished within 5 minutes of giving it to them?

Have no fear! Wet Nose Images knows just how you feel and has compiled a list of great toy options for your tough chewer (or destroyer!).


1. Deer Antlers

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You can find these awesome natural chews in many stores including PetSmart and even Bulk Barn! They come in a few size options and often there will be some advice on the shelf about which is best for your pup based on size and age. These shouldn't be given to young pups, though, as they might hurt themselves trying to chew them. They're long-lasting and very strong.

Ruby loves her antler and is still working away on one that she received more than a month ago!


2. Chuckit Balls

I had seen many people using these balls in the past (along with the handy picker-upper/launcher arm) at the beach and park, but I assumed the ball was nothing special. Certainly nothing that could stand up to Ruby's jaws. But one day Ruby found one left behind in the grass and she started to chew. It's been many months since then, and she still has that ball! It's got a tiny hole so it makes a loud sigh when she chomps down on it, but there's no other damage to it (and I don't think she made that hole herself). I'm very impressed!

There's also the much larger Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball but Ruby hasn't tested this one out yet. I did get some enthusiastic recommendations for it during my research, though! Some really tough chewers haven't been able to destroy this big ball.


3. West Paw Toys

This brand makes all sorts of fun toys in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Jive Ball is "West Paw’s most durable dog ball yet" as well as being bouncy, buoyant, dishwasher safe, and made for use with a standard ball thrower! West Paw also offers a lifetime guarantee on the material they use for their toys and will give you a one time replacement if anything should happen to it.


4. Playstrong Toys

These durable rubber toys are available at Jollytails in Halifax and are virtually indestructible. They also come with a lifetime guarantee! They've even got grooves in the middle for you to put peanut butter or some treats for your pup to enjoy while they chomp.


5. Kong

Kong is a very well-known and reputable brand in the dog world. Their product line ranges from soft plush toys for wee pups to their line of Extreme toys for strong chewers. The toys are also colour-coded for their rating with strong chewers. Pink and blue are for small puppies, red is the average, and black is the strongest. Kongs also have pockets and grooves for peanut butter, treats, or Kong's own tasty filling.

Making this list has inspired me to get Ruby a few more toys to test out! :)


So... which toys do you prefer for your tough chewer? Let us know in the comments!