The Colours of Spring!

Sometime last spring I drove by a row of pink trees and got very excited. How did I not know there was this magical place so close to home? What wonderful sessions I would plan here! This was going to be so great!

But a few weeks later I drove by again and all the pink was gone from the branches. I didn't realize this was a time-sensitive thing, and I was pretty bummed for a while. But I vowed to find the right time the following year and take advantage of it!

This past weekend I happened to drive down that street, curious about whether the pink might have returned (I had seen lots of posts from US photographers about their cherry blossom sessions, so I thought this might be the right time). And I was right! The row of trees was beautifully pink! How perfect!

But how long would this last? I know nothing about trees or plants so I really had no idea if this would stay for a week, a month, or just a few days. Time to call an emergency session with my Ambassadogs and make use of those trees while they're here!!

Everyone who could make it on such short notice met with me on Monday night and we did some fun, quick sessions with these lovely trees. Oh man, I love the gorgeous pink bokeh background. It makes me sooo happy!

Having such lovely Ambassadogs who are always up for a photo adventure is fabulous! I love the connections and friendships that this program has brought into my life, all the lovely owners and dogs I now know and have photographed multiple times. They're just the best!

I've done this program for the last 2 years and I'm closing "admission" at the end of May for the next round of Ambassadogs for the 2018-2019 season. So if you've been on the fence about it, please reach out and ask any questions you've got! Time is running out on this opportunity to have an incredibly fun year together!

And here are a few other shots that made me giggle. There are always outtakes in Wet Nose sessions - always! Whether it's a little side-eye, a tongue, or a serious face... I love them all.