The Floatation Centre | Dog Friendly Halifax

A few weeks ago I visited Lindsay and Pearl at The Floatation Centre. Lindsay owns this wonderful centre where you can completely relax in a tank of water, with no sound and no light… you’ll feel weightless! It’s an experience that helps many people with physical pain, de-stressing, self-reflection, and numerous other things! I definitely want to try it out someday soon. I’ve heard so many good things.

Lindsay’s sweet pup, Pearl, is often at the centre when Lindsay is! Although the centre isn’t necessarily dog friendly in the sense that clients would bring their dogs when they come to float, I just love that Pearl hangs out there and welcomes everyone! So I wanted to meet this lovely pair and photograph Pearl around The Floatation Centre.

It’s located on King St in the north end of Halifax!

Have you ever tried a float tank? What did you think of it?