frequently asked questions

What are my options for locations?

We can have your session in almost any public location within the HRM, including urban settings in Halifax and natural settings like Point Pleasant and Shubie Park! There is so much variety and beauty here in Nova Scotia. We'll find a location that's perfectly suited to your pup and one that will add more beauty to your home decor when your images are mounted on your wall.

If you live outside the HRM and would prefer a session close to home or in a favourite location that's outside my main area, that's not a problem! For a travel fee, I'm happy to travel to your favourite place. So if you live in Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, the Valley, etc., please don't hesitate to get in touch. Your pups deserve this!

What should we do to prepare for our session?

Not much preparation is necessary, since your pup is perfect just the way she is! However, there are a few things you should bring with you to your session:

  • Plenty of treats - preferably small ones, or just broken up into small pieces so that we can reward them frequently without filling their belly (Ruby loves hotdogs!)

  • A thin leash or a long line

  • Your favourite collar for your pup to wear

  • Their favourite squeaky toy that'll make their ears perk up

  • Poop bags, just in case!

My dog can’t be off leash. Is that okay?

Absolutely! I’d say about 90% of my clients are on leash during their session, either because the location requires it, or there is a road nearby, or just because the dog doesn’t have reliable recall. Safety always comes first, so if a leash is required, we’ll use it.

But don’t worry about the leash being in your final portraits on your wall. At your session I will show you how to hold the leash in a way that makes it a bit easier for me to remove during editing, and then all your final purchased images will be leash-free! So don’t let this worry hold you back from booking your pup a portrait session.

Do you travel?

Typically my clients book sessions around the HRM, and we have a wide assortment of scenery here to work with! However, if you have a special location in mind that's outside of this area, that can be arranged. Travel fees can be added to any Wet Nose session.

What if my dog is nervous? Or reactive? Can we still book a session?

Absolutely. I will do everything in my power to ensure your pup feels at ease - we'll find the best locations away from any distractions or danger, I can keep my distance if they're nervous, and you can bring whatever you need to keep them comfortable - whether that's a favourite toy, special treats, or another favourite person. We can also take lots of breaks when needed.

*However, if I feel that I or the pup are in danger of any sort, I do reserve the right to postpone or cancel the session at my discretion. I don't want the pup to be overstimulated or scared, and if there is aggression that cannot be controlled, we will not be able to finish the session safely.

Can you really capture enough images in just one hour with my pup? She doesn't like to cooperate for the camera...

You'd be surprised at what I can capture! I've got lots of tricks up my sleeve, and I can capture quick expressions and head tilts that you may not have even realized were happening! You will be in love with the images I present to you at your Reveal & Order Session - I promise.

Do you only photograph dogs? Or can I be in some photos with my dog?

My focus is on the pups, but I can absolutely create some additional portraits that capture your special bond! I know how important it is to have images of the two of you together, since those photos are rare.

How many people can I bring to my session?

To eliminate possible distractions and keep your pup's attention on me, I'd prefer if you only brought one additional person with you. You can bring your partner or friend, but no young children, please. Bringing along a second adult is perfect, especially if your pup really likes both of you! This allows us all to work really well together - one of you will often stay near the pup (holding the leash if needed) and directing them where to sit or stand. The second person will be behind me while I'm photographing - you can make silly noises, squeak toys, or wave your arms around at the right times so that we get your pup's attention.

If you won't be bringing a second helper, that's no problem! I usually bring my assistant, but we can also get along just fine with you and I! Don't you worry.

Do you offer gift certificates? I'd love to gift my friend a photo session!

I sure do! You can purchase a gift certificate in any amount you'd like, starting at the cost of the session: $225 or $350. So you can either give them the session alone, or (and this is what I'd recommend) you can add some extra to get them started on their print order for standard sessions.

It's a custom gift for custom photography - how perfect!