Halifax Dog Photography


"From start to finish - everything went better than I could have ever imagined." - Meg D.

Whether you and your pup will watch a brilliant sunset together, hike to a majestic waterfall, or even just play with your pup's beloved purple ball, your Wet Nose session will strengthen your bond together and allow me to create lasting memories of your amazing dog. Memories that you'll mount above your sofa or along your staircase, reminding you every day of how lucky you are to have found your furry soulmate.

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At Wet Nose Images we specialize in celebrating the most important member of your family. That furry ball of love who looks to you for guidance, lessons, and love every day. The face you fell in love with as soon as you saw it. And the wet nose that reminds you how much you're loved, when you're feeling down. I understand how strong that relationship is and we're here to celebrate it with you.


1)  BEAUTIFULLY CUSTOMIZED WALL ART. Every Wet Nose Session is planned and photographed with the end goal being real, physical products for you to feel and enjoy. Whether you want a large canvas to hang over your couch, a series of beautifully framed prints leading up the stairs, or a custom coffee table album, I keep this in mind from our very first meeting. Your amazing pup deserves a session with Wet Nose Images, and you deserve images that will be truly enjoyed and cherished every day.


2)  FULL SERVICE TREATMENT from beginning to end. Before you even decide to book, we'll schedule a free consultation so we can meet in person and really talk. This meeting lets us discuss your fantastic pup, the things you’re looking for in your session, and the final art for which you’re lusting. And after our fun session we’ll meet again to view your beautiful images. Having me there with you allows you to feel confident in your final choices - we’ll discus sizing, material, and groupings to ensure you walk away completely in love with your decision. I'm there with you, every step of the way.


3)  MY VISION. Wet Nose Images has another unique feature that stands out from the rest - this photographer! I see things through my camera in a way that nobody else does. The way I look at the sunset on that fluffy puppy fur, or the angle from which I capture the soaking wet I-just-dove-head-first-into-a-river shake is unique and all my own. And that is what brings my clients to me. My work speaks for itself, so the clients who are drawn to my style are the ones who just know they NEED that canvas of their pup on their wall, and now they won't settle for anything less. When you commission me to create artwork of your pup, you can trust that you're getting something unique and customized to you.


As for "why now?" ... well, just take a look at your beautiful pup asleep beside you. Look at those little toes, that wet nose, and those floppy ears. No matter what age your dog is, they mean the whole world to you, and they are only going to be this age once. We only get to share our lives with them for a short time and it's up to us to make their lives absolutely amazing and cherish the time we have together. There truly is no better time than right now.