Cassie Latta-Johnson

 Photo by  Kevin MacCormack

The face behind the camera! I have been an avid photographer since I got my first camera at 5 years old. A bright pink 110 model with funny-shaped film rolls. I loved the feel and sound when I clicked that square shutter, and I can still remember it now. Fast forward about 20 years from that sweet pink camera, and I've got my dream job: photographing the most adorable pups and their people, and creating beautiful art for my clients! And I still love the click of a shutter...


Fun Facts:

  • I moved to Nova Scotia 10 years ago and I love it here!
  • I share my life with a goofy puppy and a wonderful, supportive, and beautiful fiancΓ©e
  • Our puppy, Ruby, is an energetic, adorable, and sassy pit mix
  • When I'm not taking photographs, I'm probably watching Doctor Who or Buffy

Want to know more about what it's like to work with Wet Nose Images? Send me a message and I'll get back to you with lots of fun details!

ruby, the spokesdog

This bundle of energy came into our lives in July 2014 at 4 months old. And it's been a non-stop ride ever since! She's saucy, smart, goofy, and keeps us on our toes. But she's ours, and now we can't imagine our lives without her. Ruby often makes appearances on Wet Nose's Instagram, so you should definitely follow our adventures! Not only do you get to see the newest furry faces of Wet Nose Images, but you also get behind-the-scenes glimpses, and silly photos of this cutie! Click the Instagram button below.