What happy clients are saying about their experience with Wet Nose Images!


Winston, Jonnie, Bella & Taco


"I had never had dog photos done, other than in a studio so I had some anxiety around that, especially with four dogs. My fears were for no good reason, though - the experience was amazing! You captured photos I didn't even realize you were taking and I was totally blown away by the beauty of the photos.

I liked meeting up beforehand to talk everything over and you were so in tune to anything specific that I was looking for. It was a great experience and if you're thinking about booking a session, go for it. I show my pictures to friends and everyone is blown away by the quality of the pictures and I LOVE the album! I cherish it and look at it everyday. I tell people how relaxed you make the whole experience and you make it seem so easy! I look forward to having another shoot with you as I add more fur babies to my pack!!"

- Penny

London & Cooper


"Omg! Cassie! I could cry! They are stunning. I can’t believe what you see through your lens to get these images. It was so hard for me to imagine that you had gotten anything decent as my dogs seemed all over the place and I was so deflated. Wow!! I’m so touched at the beauty of them. You are amazing, to say the least. Thank you so much!!"

- Kelly



Rupert & Chance


"Wet Nose Images not only captures truly amazing photos, but also captures memories and the personalities of each of the pups! I have had multiple sessions and each time has been such a wonderful experience! Cassie was so patient and caring with both my pups Rupert & Chance and responded to each of their comfort/energy levels. Look no further, 'cause Wet Nose is the best of the best!"

- Jenn

Jack & Norah


"I think my biggest fear before our session was that my dogs would be too hyper to get nice photos done. I am happy to report that there were many pictures that I loved and wanted to purchase. You were so great with them!

I loved seeing the images at our Reveal meeting. I wanted pictures of my two babies that I would have forever and that's what I now have. It was so exciting (but challenging) to select the pictures that I loved most.

This was worth every penny. If you want beautiful portraits that capture your dog's personality, go to Wet Nose Images.”

- Chantal



Freddie, Mickey, Zillie, Captain Kirk, and Juno


"You were very kind and so great with the animals, they love you. You were also extremely patient with all my questions, payments, and contact. A wonderful experience.

I think the Reveal was my favourite part because there was a buildup of anticipation! You got beautiful photos of all of them and captured their personalities well."

- Annette



"Cassie was absolutely amazing with our very hyper puppy. Our puppy loves everyone. So we were a little concerned she wouldn’t listen when we were getting her photos taken. Cassie was so professional. She could sense that we were nervous about our dog’s behavior. She has a way with dogs, and we cannot thank her enough. We got some amazing shots and are looking to book with her again."

- Jacqueline



Azalea & Leon


"Cassie is absolutely awesome! From the get go Cassie was incredibly flexible with our photo location and seemed to immediately know the feel I was going for with my photos. I wanted an east coast vibe and Cassie certainly captured that. Cassie was great with the dogs and knew all the right angles, noises, treats etc to use. Cassie is also very approachable and I felt comfortable to suggest different spots for shots that ultimately were some of my favourites!

Most importantly the end product is amazing! I had such a hard time choosing which photos to keep because they were all just so good! I’m thankful I'll have these amazing shots of my pups to remember our lives on the East Coast forever, regardless of where life may take us.

Some dog parents may be hesitant to get professional photos done because of the price point but after this whole experience with Wet Nose Images I can confidently say it is worth it! I highly recommend having professional photos done and highly recommend Wet Nose Images! Thank you again Cassie!!!"

- Candace



"At first I was worried that Ritz might not behave and the pictures might not turn out great as a result. Instead it was a great relaxed experience and I'm very happy with the results! My favourite part was getting to see the images at the Reveal because they were even better than I could have expected! I've been telling all the puppy moms and dads that I know, and I think the pictures speak for themselves!"

- Hilary



Jack & Penny


"I think my biggest fear was "are my pups going to behave enough to get their picture taken"? My dogs are only young and they do have some bad behaviors. I was sure they'd be tough for Cassie to photograph. Both of my dogs were definitely distracted at times during our photo session, but Cassie was quickly able to regain their focus with a ball and Chuck-It stick. Cassie displays a very calm attitude that my dogs loved. She was also able to identify when my dogs had "enough" of a certain location/shot. She would then ask to move on to a new spot and continue getting great shots. I loved all of her suggestions leading up to our shoot, as well as her patience with myself (crazy dog mom) and my pups.

I think my absolute favorite part of the experience was the Reveal. I was in awe of all the great shots Cassie was able to generate! Needless to say I was quite pleased. The only problem with having so many amazing shots was having to choose the ones I loved the most and wanted on my wall. Cassie was great at helping me choose the best picture that suited my pups personality. I also appreciated her suggestions about displaying the pictures in m home. I found this very helpful in making my choices.

I would recommend Wet Nose Images because Cassie has a talent for making the owner and dogs feel at ease. She's so approachable and easy to talk to. Above all else, she loves all dogs and can capture their best attributes."

- Breagh



"Cassie you are such a wonderful person and you made me feel very reassured during our communications prior to the session. I could tell immediately that you are a compassionate and sincere person. You always conduct yourself so professionally and with such a warm and calm energy. Everything about the experience from our first communication to your follow up questionnaire has been so well laid out and I have really appreciated and admired what an exceptional business person and talented photographer you are!

During our session it was so much fun to explore different areas and settings for Louise to pose and it was such a 'proud Momma' moment for me to see Louise strutting her stuff!

If you want amazing images that capture the true personality of your pup and have a relaxed and comfortable experience then hire Cassie!"

- Kristen



Norbert & Gilbert


My favorite part of the experience was really just being involved with the whole process from beginning to end and seeing the ideas we envisioned actually happen! I felt confident from day 1 that Cassie would accomplish what she set out to do.

Cassie was great from start to finish. Not only does she have a passion for dogs, she has a passion for your dog, to show them off in the best way possible. The best part about working with Cassie is her creative vision and how she involves you all the way through. she was so easy to work with and my dogs loved her."

- Alana

Kobi & Rynslo


"Our biggest worry based on previous photography sessions was that it would not be made clear what it was we were paying for. So when presented with amazing images, we'd be disappointed with what we got, or would be roped in to paying a huge amount to get our pictures. But Cassie was up front and open from the beginning and made sure we were on the same page and that we knew exactly what to expect, nothing hidden and no surprises!

Cassie's understanding of our dogs’ unique issues around other dogs and willingness to try a new environment was fantastic!

She is very easy to get along with and goes above and beyond to make sure you're getting the experience/ images you want!"

- Zonia



Chance, Sophie-Lulu, Lily-Belle, Diego, Reaper & Vamp


"I was worried that Chance would be too goofy and you wouldn't be able to get good picture. He was goofy... but even those pictures were fantastic! I'd have to say my favourite part is how timely you are in doing your Reveals and getting products back to me. There's nothing worse than waiting months for something you've paid for and are excited to get! And we got ours so quickly.

You are an amazing photographer with a ton of patience."

- Colleen



"I didn't know how Bentley would behave for his first trip into the City. He shocked me and was sooo awesome. He did everything we asked. I don't think he could have been better. And you were awesome with him. You made it easy. He loved his moment in the spotlight.

When you used the term "Majestic" to describe him, it made my heart swell. That was a term I had used for his brother. But Bentley was our little misfit. He's very special and you made my day.   

I recommend you all the time. I tell everyone how awesome and professional you are. You're very good at what you do. You make it easy. We'd love the opportunity to work with you again. Thank you soooo very much. Loving our pictures."

- Cherie