Every product in our signature line-up is created for you with care, patience, and professional-quality printing. I carefully ensure that each piece of art is exactly the way you want.

These products show the very best of your pup and will also complement the decor in your home. It will look like it was made just for your walls... because it truly was!


Framed canvas

start at $1000

These stunning canvases are a statement piece for any room! High quality canvas mounted around a wooden frame by hand, and then surrounded with a beautiful brushed wood frame for a final touch of elegance.


Acrylic prints

start at $800

These vibrant prints are Wet Nose Images' signature product and have a layer of acrylic mounted in front of your image. This unique feature enhances the rich colours of your portraits and makes them appear 3-dimensional! The acrylic is beautifully glossy and will catch everyone's eye the moment they enter your home.


floatmount prints

start at $400

These beautiful prints don't need a frame - they arrive ready to hang on your wall. And when mounted, they appear to float just off the wall due to the hidden backing. These are much more than the average print, but still beautifully minimalist.




start at $1200

When you can't bear to leave any of your Wet Nose portraits behind, these albums are the perfect choice for you. You can take all your favourite images home with you and proudly show everyone who visits (every pup parent's dream)!

A sleek black faux leather cover and thick, lay-flat pages... this is the way to show off every image of your pup in one gorgeous place. Your album tells the story of your sweet family, exactly as they are right now.

Take a look at the flip-through video below!


Prices are subject to change.