Blitz | Tails of Halifax | Wet Nose Images

Amstaff/Pitbull mix.   1-1/2 years old.

Photographed at the Emera Oval.

{How did you two find each other?}

The first time I met Blitz he was brought into the pound as a “bite case” and there was a warning sticker on his kennel: Do not enter. Dangerous dog. So we were not to touch him because we didn’t know what he was like. Then one day he accidentally got out of his kennel and I realized that his energy was not aggressive. There was some fear with high drive/high energy from being stuck in a kennel, with a lack of knowledge of what to do with himself. So I started working with him, taking him for walks, training him. And I realized that he was a smart dog with a lot of potential that just needed the right guidance. That’s sort of how we found each other. The pound trainer came in and didn’t think that he would make it to the adoption floor, so I asked the owner if I could take him home. She said yes. And then, unfortunately, an incident occurred. Nobody was hurt, but he showed some aggression. I believe the aggression was taken out of context. He did have cat aggression at the time, and it was at the vet’s that the aggression showed. And there are lots of cats there. He used to be extremely cat aggressive, but we’ve worked on that and he’s not to that extreme anymore. But it was very extreme, so I do believe that his aggression was read incorrectly. However, I was not there. But he was due to be euthanized and I couldn’t allow that to happen because I saw the potential that was in him and I knew what I was capable of. And so I fought for him. I fought very hard for him. And ultimately, despite everything else I was able to get him here with me. 


{What has he taught you?}

Well, this little dog has taught me a lot. In my business, for one, he’s my dog that I use for everything - he’s my demo dog, he comes to all my consultations, he helps take lessons with me. He’s taught me to read dog language better because he reads it very well. And everything that I’ve learned, he’s been right there for it, so I have to imagine that he’s teaching me, too. He teaches me stuff every day; he amazes me every day.